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Virtual University in Dubai (الجامعة الافتراضية في دبي)

For the past few decades, education in Dubai has always followed the traditional path. Students looking to attain higher education would have to walk the oft-tread path; that is, the path of traditional education whereby students have to enroll in regular degree, diploma or certification programs for a certain fee, purchase course material and attend classes on campus as per a normal semester-like schedule. In the past five years or so, however, the face of education has begun to change. Now, online educational entities or ‘virtual universities’ have begun to crop up; providing the same bundle of benefits as a regular university or college, albeit in a rather unique and innovative way. Virtual universities provide students with the advantage of attaining a high quality education in the field of their choice through the Internet thus enabling them to be in charge of their study routine. Rather than follow a semester-like schedule, students are able to chart their own study routine and study their subjects as and when they can. In Dubai, where many students are working either part-time or full-time to cover for expenses related to home and family, such options are ideal alternatives, especially for those who wish to develop new and innovative skills that will help enhance their value as potential employees in the market.

Virtual university in Dubai is, therefore, gaining quite a bit of popularity amongst the student circles present in the region. Virtual universities in Dubai provide students with the ease of gaining education that adheres to the highest standards of quality and not step out of their comfort and security of their four-walled homes. Virtual universities in Dubai present students with a wide range of majors pertaining to different fields of study for them to choose from such that they are able to achieve all their academic and professional goals. Virtual universities in Dubai in every way attempt to ensure students that they are in no way giving up the privileges as offered by traditional universities by enrolling in an online university. A number of services such as those specifically catering to students (for example, student counseling and mobile classroom facilities) are made available for the benefit of individuals who become a part of such online institutes. Virtual universities in Dubai, thus, can be termed as ‘the next best thing’ except it has the added advantages of convenience and affordability.

In addition to the above, one of the major advantages provided by virtual university in Dubai is the fact that they are internationally recognized by leading corporations around the world. Students need not be worried about having difficulty in landing a good, well-paying and challenging job; many top organizations across the globe are already familiar with the status and reputation of numerous virtual universities in Dubai; many have established long-lasting relationships with such companies so that their students are easily gain access to hiring managers of such organizations.

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